Bahamas culture

More than estimated 340’000 live in The Bahamas. Over 80% of Bahamians live within an urban area mainly on the main island of New Providence and in Grand Bahama. The legacy of slavery in the Caribbean left a majority population of blacks which make up 85%, with whites the remaining 15%.

The Bahamas is a very religious country. It has been suggested that the country has one of the highest number of churches per capita in the world.

The most favorite music for the Bahamians is the Junkanoo music, but Junkanoo is much more than music.Bahamian music also incorporates other Caribbean forms such as Calypso, Trinidadian Soca and Jamaican Reggae, as well as American-inspired Rap and Hip Hop.


Flight Information

Expedia has a nonstop flight to the Bahamas. I will be riding on United Airlines. Its cost $692.40. The flight leaves at 11.04 am August 1 and it arrives at 2.16 pm the same day. Its a 3h and 12m flight.


It’s no secret. The #1 reason vacationers escape to The Islands Of The Bahamas is for the sun, sand and the sea. With water temperatures averaging around 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, toe-wiggling sand that stretches for miles and aqua marine waters which can be seen from space, who could blame them?

Many use the word “beautiful” to describe the beaches on Nassau Paradise Island. But with sand as white as sheets and crystal clear turquoise waters, “beautiful” almost seems like an understatement. But we can agree that one of the most beautiful thing about the beaches in Nassau Paradise Island is that there are 17 of them.

Carmelo Anthony 40 points vs Atlanta Hawks


Carmelo Anthony is finding it too easy to score right now, no matter who the Knicks are playing or who’s defending him.One night after torching the Heat for 50 points, Anthony seemed to be heading for that number again.
Anthony had to settle for 40 points in the Knicks’ 10th straight victory, a 95-82 win over the Hawks Wednesday night.Anthony might have scored 50 if he didn’t need a little rest or get help from his teammates down the stretch.

He had 36 at the start of the fourth quarter of a tied game, but was on the bench. Mike Woodson wanted to reinsert Anthony two minutes in, but he needed to catch his breath. Anthony has really been unstoppable this season. He is the best scorer in the NBA.

Carmelo Anthony 50 points

New York Knicks' Anthony drives past Miami Heat's Battier in during NBA basketball game in Miami
Carmelo Anthony didn’t have to deal with LeBron James on either end of the floor Tuesday night. It made his night much easier and more difficult for the Heat. Anthony destroyed the Heat’s defense and matched his career high with 50 points and led the Knicks to a 102-90 victory over the defending champs, who were without James and Dwyane Wade because of injuries.
Late in the game, some Knicks fans at American Airlines Arena chanted “MVP” as Anthony attempted foul shots. He was the MVP this night as he carried the Knicks to their ninth straight win their longest since the 1993-94 season